Managing the External Environment and the Organization’s Culture



Managing the External Environment and the Organization’s Culture

is a lecture which is covered during Management Module. This resource is suitable for bachelor and master level students who are studying in business department.

The components of an organization’s culture are as complex as the different aspects of an individual’s personality. Today’s managers must understand how the force of an organization’s internal and external environments may influence, and sometimes constrain, its productivity.

Future Managers must realize that organizational culture and organizational environment have important implications for the way an organization is managed. Both organizational culture and external forces that can shape an organization are explored in order to gain a better under­standing of the complexities presented by internal and external environments.

Learning Objectives of this lecture are:  

  1. Contrast the actions of managers according to the omnipotent and symbolic views.
  2. Describe the constraints and challenges facing managers in today’s external environment.
  • Develop your skill at scanning the environment so you can anticipate and interpret changes taking place.
  1. Discuss the characteristics and importance of organizational culture.
  • Know how to read and assess an organization’s culture.
  1. Describe current issues in organizational culture.

In this file you will find:

  • 1 Managing the External Environment and the Organization’s Culture Lecture Power Point Presentation
  • 1 Lecture Note Guide
  • 1 Test Bank with 116 different questions with full answer description and explanation
  • 8 Interesting Discussion Questions and answers to them
  • 5 Interesting Exercise related to the topic with all answers to them
  • 1 Interesting Case Study with all answers to case study questions
  • 1 additional reading resource file related to lecture topic in order to enhance Lecturer/Teacher/Student knowledge
  • 1 Folder with relevant useful pictures

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