International Marketing Strategy and Theory 4th Edition


Authors: John Shaw, Sak Onkvisit.

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Publisher: Routledge, 2004 – 4TH EDITION


Pages – 619


International Marketing Strategy and Theory 4th Edition By John Shaw, Sak Onkvisit.

Marketing is a universal activity that is widely applicable, regardless of the political, social or economic systems of a particular country. However, this doesn’t mean that consumers in different parts of the world should be satisified in the same way.

The 4th edition of International Marketing has been written to enable managers and scholars to meet the international challenges they face everyday. It provides the solid foundation required to understand the complexities of marketing on a global scale.

The book has been fully updated with topical case studies, examples of contemporary marketing campaigns, the most relevant discussion topics as well as the most up-to-date theories, references and research findings. It is this combination of theory and practice that makes this textbook truly unique, presenting a fully rounded view of the topic rather than an anecodotal or descriptive one alone.

The book includes chapters on:

* Trade distortions and marketing barriers

* Political and legal environments

* Culture

* Consumer behaviour

* Marketing research

* Promotion and pricing strategies

* Currencies and foreign exchange

Accessibly written and designed, this book is the most international book on marketing available that can be used by undergraduates and postgraduates the world over. A companion website provides additional material for lecturers and students alike.

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