Company Culture For Dummies


by Mike Ganino
ISBN: 978-1-119-45784-8
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Make a difference with company culture

Organizations around the world are looking for the “secret sauce” to create strong company cultures—and this book lets you in on what you can do to share the same culture that drives places like Google, Southwest, and Wegman’s to succeed.

Inside, expert author on corporate culture Mike Ganino distills company culture down to the four core elements that you need to consider when making any business decision. Packed with real-world examples and practical approaches to help you build a culture that drives performance, increases bottom line results, and creates brands that people talk about and remember, this is the book you’ll want to keep close by as you create your own unique culture.

  • Implement and manage cultural change effectively
  • Apply key principles to achieve organizational goals
  • See how new technologies influence organizations
  • Retain employees and attract new talent

With this helpful guide, you’ll boost your company’s culture in no time!

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For Dummies

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May 8, 2018

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